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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Sun Makes Some Rumors Clear

Sometimes, the tabloid stories concerning Doctor Who are obviously false. This is potentially spoiler-filled one that makes enough sense I believe it.

Though I debate if it's really spoiler filled because it's not like it's going to be a surprise to anyone when it actually happens. (And there's really no way not to be spoiled by the time you see something in the US unless you completely unplug from Doctor Who fandom.)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jekyll on DVD

One thing that is pretty obvious is that they like to make sure that the DVD sets come out as quickly after their first American airing as possible for a lot of shows -- Doctor Who has appeared on DVD as soon after it completes its airing on Sci Fi as possible. So I really shouldn't be surprised that Stephen Mofatt's Jekyll is going to be out on DVD as early as the middle of next month, only a couple of weeks after it finishes its BBC America run.

And of course, we're already aware that the first Torchwood set will come out in the first month or two of 2008, after it wraps up its own BBC America run. The biggest issue on much of this is the turnaround time -- Jekyll is on BBC America pretty quickly, but it's taken a year for Torchwood to cross over.

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The Doctor Who Channel

It is really amazing -- with BBC America now airing Stephen Moffat's excellent Jekyll, and also giving heavy promotion to Doctor Who and Torchwood's upcoming runs starting in September, BBC America's Saturday night has been taken over by the Doctor Who family.

I finally watched the first two episodes of Jekyll, and it goes without saying that it is excellent. Moffat's episodes of Doctor Who have been some of the best, and so to see him take on this sort of material is excellent, and is a part of the resurgence of the UK's telefantasy tradition.

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