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Monday, December 19, 2005

Region 1 Series 1 Box Art

Doctor Who: Series 1Both TV Shows on DVD and Outpost Gallifrey have the cover of the region 1 set for the Christopher Eccleston series of Doctor Who. It's very similar as far as the Region 2 release, just much, much thinner.

I'm intrigued, actually, that fundementally the UK and the US packaging are as close as they are. With the classic series, the covers and packaging style are very, very different between the two markets; they don't have the same artwork or pictures, fonts choices, and even the logo is different. (Part of me was wondering if they'd label the R1 boxed set as "The Christopher Eccleston Year", as all of the R1 classic series titles are labeled as being part of "The Tom Baker Years", or "The Peter Davision Years" or whatever.

But then, it's got to be a bit frustrating for the BBC in their attempts to sell this -- all of the UK genre press that has been covering Doctor Who will have completely moved on to David Tennant. I'm not sure how they market it. Though really, I assume that the plan is basically just to make sure that all of us that are already buying Doctor Who DVDs get it, and most of us don't need much additional marketing to... it's just a matter of getting it out to those of us that already want to buy it. I'm hopeful that it'll pick up some new converts via something like NetFlix, but who can say...

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