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Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Sci Fi on Who DVDs

It's quite interesting to read the latest Sci Fi report on the status of Doctor Who in America.

There's been a lot of thought about what the $99 SRP point means over on places like Outpost Gallifrey -- while it's priced comparably to other BBC products, it's not the low price that you see for something like Lost or even Battlestar Galactica. (My expectation is that the new Who DVD will be of higher quality than the BG set -- Doctor Who has historically had some of the best TV sets out there, and based on what I've seen of the R2 UK content, I expect that to continue with the new series boxed sets as well.)

That said, that article makes some of it clear -- it's really a way to get this into the hands of the existing fanbase as soon as possible in a good, high quality version, better than anything that could be obtained any other way.

I'll be curious to see where the new series does eventually end up -- and admittedly, with at least 28 more new episodes of Doctor Who, and at least 13 of Torchwood, there's plenty of material coming our way.

Science Fiction writer Robert Sawyer also has some complementary things to say about the new Doctor Who.


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