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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Teen Titans vs a Dalek

I was watching an episode of the Teen Titans cartoon (Homecoming). In it, the Teen Titans and Doom Patrol fight a disembodied Brain, called, well, Brain, and in it, he's clearly sitting on a converted Dalek base, with slits and Dalek bumps.

But then, there's been a lot of times where comic books have clearly been influence by Doctor Who -- and it occasionally goes the other way, because if you remove the handlebars one of the new Cybermen look quite a bit like Iron Man, especially as drawn by Bryan Hitch. (None of this is a negative in my book.)

Speaking of Cybermen, I'm not the only person looking at new series Doctor Who domains, there's a fantastic Cybus Corporation website that's been built by another eager Doctor Who fan... (and they've got more graphics skills than I do...)


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