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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Old Articles

Once again, refreshing on some of the previous Doctor Who content I've written over the years...

Doctor Who in St Paul, Minnesota 1986 Press Clippings
Doctor Who USA Tour (1986, 1987) Clippings
1988 Time Festival Press Clippings
April 1987: <=?=> Volume 2, Issue 4
KTCA Pledge Drive Screenshots
Doctor Who translated in German
My trip to Gallifrey 1998
My trip to Visions 97

My recollections of my experiences of Doctor Who, including a history of the Whoniversity, the club I was involved in the 80's.

The results for my poll on canonicity and
the new adventures
. It is for every sad fan out there. It is also
several years old, so the results are probably irrelevant. [of course,
they probably always were...]


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