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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

After King Kong: Doctor Who?

An article on MSNBC recommended that Peter Jackson look at doing Doctor Who as his next film. Thankfully, the article does mention the new TV series -- and any American publiclity for the new series is all for the good, especially when it ties in to the current weekend's big blockbuster hit. Obviously, I don't think this is anything for Peter Jackson -- but more about promoting Doctor Who. And in many ways, the new version of Doctor Who shares with Jackson's King Kong that it's a creation of people that absolutely love the franchise that they're working with, and they've got the talent to bring forward and update it in a fashion that is simultaneously modern and yet still loyal to the core concepts.

I'm of the opinion that Doctor Who would make for a generally poor film -- it's a franchise character, a series character -- and a film version is really best suited when there's *one* story to tell -- where with Doctor Who part of the magic is that there are literally hundreds of stories; and whille some are epic, others are very small scale.

Outpost Gallifrey pointed out an article that isn't available without a subscription in BroadcastNow about the delays for getting the new series sold in America. It's my thought that the first series isn't really all that important anymore -- it's the second and third series and beyond that will really matter. As I've mentioned before it seems like it's a bit difficult when the Tenth Doctor is starting so firmly in an episode to be aired at Christmas time to schedule it well here, but it's rather nice that the series short term fate, at least, is not dependent on how it performs on some obscure US time slot.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger shrinkwrapped said...

But Doctor Who was already a movie!

A rubbish one:

Personally I don't see the need for a movie - unless they can get a bigger budget, retaining the current series' production team.


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