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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Who Year

It's strange as I'm reading some UK Who sites commenting about how this has been the most successful year for Doctor Who in decades. And that's obviously true in the UK, even from over here in the US. It's not that Doctor Who is much more popular over here -- it's mostly been people who have always been interested in the show, it's just a little higher profile amongst those people. Perhaps that'll change a little with the R1 DVD release, and presumably it's appearance on something like NetFlix.

I'll be off to Gallifrey One in a month and a half, and it'll be interesting to compare how that convention is to all of the other Gallifreys I've been to over the years. Last year's convention wasn't much different, in fact, it was quite subdued; but with the DVD just out here, things could be different.


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